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October 2019

Tips for Scheduling Holiday Flights

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How far in advance should you book your holiday flight?

Heading back home for the holidays this season? If so, we recommend booking holiday flights about 6-8 weeks before the trip. The price for the same flight changes a lot throughout the year, but you should get a good deal at this time before your trip.

The closer to your trip it gets, the harder it becomes to find a good price. If you find out at the last minute that you want to travel, you may need to quickly book your flight. When it gets to be around 2-3 weeks before your trip, the cost may jump, and flights will start to really fill up.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

While some popular destinations rise different times of the year, finding an affordable flight to any location can be a bit stressful. There are, of course, factors that are sometimes out of your control when it comes to how far in advance you can buy tickets, but ideally, you want to book your flights in advance. Holidays are the busiest travel days, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Booking in advance is the best way to get a good deal and find tickets for dates and times that work the best for you.

Waiting until the last minute also runs the risk of not finding anything. Depending on where you’re traveling, airports in smaller cities and towns won’t have as many flights and could sell out before you buy your tickets.

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Getting Sick While Traveling

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No matter where you travel to, or where you want to enjoy your time away. When you get sick on your trip, it can definitely put a damper on things. make you. These are a few of our best tips to help you avoid sickness while you travel.

1. Always Wash Your Hands

Whatever your reason is for traveling, you’ll be touching things in a number of public areas, from public transportation to stores. If you’re visiting a big city, you may come in contact with lots more people than you normally would.

By washing your hands frequently, you’re getting rid of the bacteria and germs on your hands that you could get you sick. As an alternative to washing your hands, it can be a big help to bring a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer.

2. Stay Active, but Don’t Overdo It

While it’s important to remain active even when you travel, you also want to be careful not to overdo it. If you get overly tired, your body gets worn down — which can make it harder to fight off illness.

If you’re doing a lot of walking, for example, be sure you drink plenty of water and take breaks when you need to. Don’t push yourself to the point of exhaustion. When you maintain a balance between moving around and resting, it can help you stay healthy and happy during your travels.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Similar to the exercise tip, not getting enough sleep can make it more likely that you’ll get sick. It may be tempting to stay out late and get up early to get the most out of your excursion, but you shouldn’t let it affect your sleep schedule too much.

When you travel across time zones, you may suffer from jet lag, which can disrupt your sleep schedule. If you find yourself feeling tired, don’t be afraid to go to bed early or take a nap!

4. Get Vaccinated If Necessary

Different destinations have more cases of certain diseases than other places. While you’re planning your trip, you may come across advisories to get vaccinated for some of these diseases.

Getting these vaccinations won’t be the most pleasant thing in the world, but you’ll be thankful for it later on. The discomfort from the shots is much better than contracting the disease itself.

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