Chamber of Commerce

 Improving the Orlando Economy through the Chamber of Commerce

If you are not familiar with Orlando FL, you should know by now that it is one of them with progressive cities in the state. This is the reason why it has a Regional Chamber of Commerce. This is located at Pine St. This is to promote the partnership of the government.

When you Visit Orlando FL, you will also know that the Regional Chamber of Commerce is in the best position to provide the services needed by the businessmen in Florida. This is where the entrepreneurs and businessmen can rely on in case they need support services.

According to statistics, there are more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce in the Country. These are composed of the local as well as the regional offices. Out of the big number, only 200+ are accredited. Only 70 of them have the 5-star accreditation similar to the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. This means the chamber is part of the measly 1% with that kind of rating.

The History of the Chamber of Commerce dates back to more than a century ago. This is in response to the growing challenge of building a robust economy for the Orlando Community. Different kinds of private enterprises benefit from the services of the Chamber. This means that the businesses, along with the Chamber have faced continual growth.

The Chamber has also faced a lot of changes along the way. It was first known as the Board of Trade. Then, the name was then changed to Downtown Chamber. As years passed, it was also known as the Greater Orlando Chamber until its present name. Along with the change of the chamber’s name, the scope of the businesses and services offered by them are also redefined to best fit the 21st century.

Next time when you Visit Orlando FL, make sure to go to the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce. There you will understand how the economic growth of the city came about. You will be introduced through tours and lectures on how the economic and financial sectors of Orlando shaped the entire community. If you also decide to stay in the city, you will also be introduced to the services that you can avail of. This is in case you desire of becoming a businessman in the area.