Orlando Airport

 Are you traveling to Orlando?

Are you tired of your daytime routine? Would you want to experience something new? If your answer is yes, then it is a good time to visit and travel to Orlando. The city offers a lot of things to its visitors. From the moment you enter the city, you will know that you are in good hands. The Orlando International Airport will offer you convenience and accessibility.

Traveling to Orlando: An Unforgettable Pleasant Experience

If you want to Discover Orlando FL, you can book a flight now to the Orlando International Airport. This is considered to be a major public airport. The location of this is around six miles from the southeastern portion of Orlando. As of the year 2017, it is known as Florida’s busiest airport. In a larger scale, it is top 11 as the busiest airport in the entire country. The number of passengers catered by the airport in the year 2017 was around 45 million.

The airport is the central hub of the airline, Silver Airways. This is also the central focus of the airlines, Spirit, JetBlue, Frontier as well as Southwest. The latter is known the be the biggest carrier in terms of the number of passengers that it can carry. Aside from the statistics presented, the airport is known to be a major gateway internationally for the region it is in—the central Florida region. There are many foreign carriers with flights to and from the airport. The size of the airport is at around 5,380 plus hectares. Thus, it is as of now considered as one of the biggest airports on a commercial scale operating in the United States.

The code of the airport is MCO. You might wonder why. This actually stands for its old name. It is formerly known as McCoy Air Force base. However, this was closed in the year 1975. However, the airport was still under the control of the military. In 1978, the airport became a Foreign Trade Zone. From that time until 2000, from a mere 5 million passengers, the airport has served around 30 million passengers.

If you want to more or less discover Orlando FL, you can start booking a flight and see for yourself the wonders it can give. The Orlando International Airport and its wonderful services will be there to welcome you with warmth and comfort.